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Okegawa-do gusoku


Age: Mid period. 18th century. 江戸時代 chuki 中期

Japan: Iron, lacquer, silk, wood, gold

Provenance: Private collection in Japan

Mononofu Katchu. Mayfair London. 14th-15th May 2022
Asian Art in London Nov 2022

Status: Available 


A russet iron 62 plate Kabuto [helmet] made by Ieoya of the Saotome school. Features a gilded five lame manju-jikoro [neck guard] laced in silk in the kebiki [complex] style. The fukigashi [turnbacks] feature the samurai family crest of the Matsura clan. Inner crêpe silk ukebari [liner] with silk-covered shinobi-no-o [helmet cord]. Maedate [frontal crest device] of a shi-shi lion dog with a gilt copper kuwagata [stylized antlers]. A russet iron menpo [face mask] with a yak hair hige [moustache] connected to a gilded four lame suga [throat guard] laced in the kebiki style. The [body] has a russet iron go-mai [five-section] construction in the okegawa [horizontal] style. The gessen [skirt] is made of seven sections of five gilded lames and is laced in the kebiki style.

Ko-gusoku [other parts] gilded medium size chu- sode [shoulder guards] of six lames laced in the kebiki style. The kote [sleeves] and haidate [apron] are of European chain mail with iron kirigane [cut-outs] and ikeda [small rafts] which also display the clan crest of the Matsura clan. Five lame shino-suneate [shin guards] with kikko-gane [hexagonal knee guard].

The armour is accompanied by a large gilded two-section uma-jirushi-sashimono [herdic crest] with a gattari [bracket] attachment.

Supplied with a yoroi-tate [armour display stand] and yoroi-bitsu [armour travel storage box].

Accompanied by a certificate of registration as Tokubetsu Hozon 特別保存 (Special cultural material) No.12042144 issued by the Kokusai Nihon Katchū Bugu Shinkō Kyōkai 国際日本甲冑武具振興協会 (International Society for the Promotion of Japanese Armor)

Mogami-dō Gusuko Catalogue DB003

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