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A Kakinari Toppai Kabuto Momoyama Period 16th Century

8 Plate Toppai Kabuto. 16th Century

Iron, lacquer, silk

Private collection Japan

Mononofu Katchu. Mayfair London

Kisho Tokubetsu Hozon (Notably worthy of preservation). Cert No 12042137. Kokusai Nihon Katchū Bugu Shinkō Kyōkai 国際日本甲冑武具振興協. Japan.

Russet iron eight plate helmet. Visor featuring uchdashi mayu eyebrows and shiwa wrinkles. Five lame black lacquered neck guard laced in the sugake style. Internal hemp liner with hemp rope helmet cord.

Toppai means literally pointed helmet and in this example, the helmet is very early dating from around 1580 which was the first half of the Momoyama Sengoku Jidai or age or waring states.

The helmet has an unusual feature on the visor that the fukigaeshi turnbacks are present and not placed on the shikoro neck guard. The maedate frontal device is solid iron designed to destroy any sword that should make contact in battle. 

There is evidence of alteration during the edo period where the front tsunomoto has been changed from a double to a single prong. Also, a decorative tehen-no-kanamono with white yak hair has been fitted.  Sold without a display stand.

Further photographs by request

The helmet has some damage to the shikoro as to be expected with an item of this age. This is in the form of cracking and peeling. There is evidence of repairs being made in the 17th century due to the patina and change in tone of the urushi. The silk odoshi-ito is is good condition.

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