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A Ryubu Menpo
Edo Period 17th Century
鉄黒漆塗烈勢面 五段垂毛引威 江戸時代

Age: Later Momoyama period. 16th century

Iron, lacquer, silk, horse hair, deer hide

Private Collection Japan

Edo period Iron black lacquered Ressei menpo with pronounced Shiwa (wrinkles) and Yadome (flanges for the helmet cord). White horse hair Kuchi Hige (moustache) gilded Ue-ba (teeth).

Five lame Tare (throat guard) in Kiritsuke ko-zane. Laced in white deer hide in the Kebiki style. Red interior.

Possibly Myochin School

Code: SA008
Price: £2,900.00

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Dirt, scruffs and minor cracks and chips as to be expected of an armour of this age. Some UV damage to the silk.

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